Veteran Writer Joins The WU Online Family

Greenfield, Indiana, November 20, 2023 – WU Online is proud to announce that Chris Sabga has joined the WU Online family as a reviewer.

“It is a wonderful feeling to be so warmly welcomed into the WU Online family. For over 25 years, Michael Weaver, Jr. has been a dear friend and valued colleague who’s been there every step of the way in my professional and personal journey. It is a thrill for us to finally be able to work together again,” said Chris Sabga. “Michael has generously given me carte blanche to write whatever I want. Well, I’m sure he will draw the line on articles about peace in the Middle East (a lifelong dream), whether pineapple belongs on pizza (it does!), and other divisive topics. I will contribute movie and book reviews to WU Online, and of course provide my thoughts on professional wrestling.”

Mr. Sabga has over 20 years of writing experience and has written for WOW Magazine, CBS Sportsline’s Wrestleline, IGN, They Live By Film and is the owner and writer for Silver Screen Surprises.

“After years of asking Chris to write for WU Online, I finally persuaded him recently. He is one of the best writers I know and his reviews will be a great read to visitors. From IGN to WOW Magazine to Silver Screen Surprises, Chris has a lot of experience in different styles of writing. Being able to showcase Chris’s reviews will be a blessing and honor for WU Online and I am proud to have him as part of the WU Online family,” said WU Online Owner: Michael Weaver, Jr.

Mr. Sabga will primarily be a reviewer for WU Online but will be allowed to write editorials as well according to the WU Online Owner. Click here to read his first review as he reviews The Last Fall by Sheldon Goldberg.

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