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(EDITOR’S NOTE: This exclusive interview was originally published in April 2003.)

Justin Roberts watched Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (G.L.O.W.) before he discovered the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).  (Photo Credit: G.L.O.W.)
Justin Roberts watched Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (G.L.O.W.) before he discovered the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). (Photo Credit: G.L.O.W.)

WU ONLINE: Were you always a fan of pro-wrestling?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Kind of.  I started a little later than most of the other kids at school, as far as WWE.  I watched GLOW at a young age and then discovered WWE a little later on.  Once I started though, I was hooked.

WU ONLINE: What wrestling federations did you enjoy watching?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: GLOW, WWE, WCW, ECW and Global a little later on when it would air on ESPN.  As I became a bigger fan throughout the years, I started watching anything else that was available.

WU ONLINE: What wrestlers were your favorites?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Ultimate Warrior, Texas Tornado, Brother Love (I’m allowed to list him, it’s cool), Big Boss Man, Mr. Perfect, and probably more…later on Razor Ramon, Owen Hart, and Jake Roberts.

WU ONLINE: What was your childhood like?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Awesome.  Great family, lots of fun times.  I went to a lot of the live wrestling events in town and in nearby states.

WU ONLINE: Did you always want to be a ring announcer?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Nope, but I did want to be involved in pro-wrestling and on TV in some capacity.  I figured it would be easier to get in as an announcer and move on from there, but then I realized how much I loved announcing so I decided to stick with it, except for the occasional reffing and managing that I do in the indies.

In 1999, Justin appeared on "The Jerry Springer Show" as a "Joe" whose girlfriend was sleeping with her sister.  (Photo Credit: "The Jerry Springer Show")
In 1999, Justin appeared on The Jerry Springer Show as a “Joe” whose girlfriend was sleeping with her sister. (Photo Credit: The Jerry Springer Show)

WU ONLINE: Your resume states you were on The Jerry Springer Show.  How did that come about and how was it?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: O brother.  Well, that was a period where they were utilizing lots of indy talent.  I was at college in AZ and could use the paid trip home to Chicago to see my family, plus get my 15 minutes.  Big Daddy out of NY and Iron Sheik were on the show and told the producer about me and told me to call him.  So I called, and later that day he called me w/ the story.  I was innocent-the girl who was my ‘girlfriend’ is the one who went on TV and had her boyfriend dump her because she was sleeping with her sister.

WU ONLINE: In 1996, you started working for Pro Wrestling International (PWI).  How did that happen?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: I was on a Chicago hotline as Enzo Reed and I asked a couple of the guys who knew PWI guys if Enzo could be a special guest ring announcer.  They allowed it and then brought me back to do more and more matches at future shows until I was the only announcer–that lasted throughout the last 2 years I lived in Chicago.  Then I went to Dale Gagne’s AWA, where I probably got most of my experience and contacts.

WU ONLINE: You’ve worked for so many independent federations, what are your favorite moments from this long storied career?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Just having fun on the road and at shows.  Listening to stories and living out my own in the making.    It’s also cool to watch videos and see how my career and announcing have progressed.  I’ve met some really cool people from working all over.  As far as ‘storied career’, how better to put it than-I was a huge fan who got into the business and worked my way from the very bottom to the very top and went from announcing at a bar to announcing at major arenas such as the All State in front of thousands of people, working with the top talent in the country.

WU ONLINE: You were the announcer for the Special Olympics in 2000.  That had to be an honor.

JUSTIN ROBERTS: That was really cool.  My fraternity volunteered for the event and when I got there I asked if they needed an announcer.  Sure enough, they did.  A lot of the kids were big wrestling fans so every child that ran out to participate in an event was introduced as if they were a wrestling superstar.  They loved it and I loved being able to do that for them.

WU ONLINE: You’ve been the ring announcer for Toughman Contests since 2000.  Did you ever consider actually competing in the Toughman competition?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Neh, Toughman is too fun to announce to give that up.  Besides announcing I get to commentate and entertain the crowd, by making fun of the boxers’ flaws.  It’s not like wrestling where you want to make the talent look good—Toughman is doing whatever it takes to entertain the crowd so it’s not just the yellow corner vs the black corner.  The poor refs get made fun of too when I’m on the mic, but they’re usually good sports.

Here's Justin at the WWF Control Center where the "WWF Event Center," "WWF Update" and "WWF Special Report" TV segments were recorded in the 1980s and 1990s.  (Photo Credit: Justin Roberts)
Here’s Justin at the WWF Control Center where the WWF Event Center, WWF Update and WWF Special Report TV segments were recorded in the 1980s and 1990s. (Photo Credit: Justin Roberts)

WU ONLINE: What have been some of the more memorable things that you’ve witnessed while working for Toughman?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Too many!  I’ve seen a 400lb man do the splits in TX.  Another 400lb man lose his pants in a fight in IA.  A guy who I got the crowd behind after I decided he looked like Joe Dirt in TN.  A near-riot.  Some reallllllly broken/dislocated arms/shoulders etc, some crazy Toughwomen contests.  Lots of great material!

WU ONLINE: Did you ever apply to work for Extreme Championship Wrestling or World Championship Wrestling?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Yes, I sent a tape to my friend at ECW to give to Tommy Dreamer, but I didn’t think they would fly me out from AZ and sure enough I never heard back.  I did however try a few different routes there a few different times.  As I did with WCW.  I spent a lot of time and money on sending tapes out everywhere, but hey it paid off and that’s all you can hope for from the start-if not, at least you know that you tried.

WU ONLINE: How did the opportunity come about for a try-out with World Wrestling Entertainment?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Years of sending tapes and trying.  After 6 years in the business and 3 years of sending them tapes, they called me to try out.

WU ONLINE: You’ve been to the WWE Headquarters several times, what was that like?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Really cool.  Lots of history there, PPV and talent pictures/posters on the walls-as well as the sets of various WWE programming (Prime Time, Mania, Livewire, Special Report control room, etc…).

WU ONLINE: You’ve only been with WWE for a while.  Who has been the most helpful to you?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Everyone is very helpful.  They are a great group of people and have made me feel very welcome there.  I’d love to name everyone, but there are just too many good people and I don’t want to leave anyone out.

WU ONLINE: You’ve been a ring announcer and an actor.  Which do you prefer and do you think you could be The Rock of ring announcers?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: I like being a ring announcer, because I can get an instant reaction out of a live audience without any delay.  Overall I like pro-wrestling as a form of entertainment so that’s what I like to be a part of.  Could I be The Rock of ring announcers?  I don’t know, but I’ve been doing the eyebrow since I became a fan of Dana Carvey’s Church Lady.

WU ONLINE: What are your long-term goals?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: To have a long career as a ring announcer for WWE and possibly in the future to contribute to the creative team.  I have a very good mind for the business and could think as a writer and a fan which is a good combination.

WU ONLINE: From looking at your pictures, you seem to be a young guy who’s in shape, have you considered wrestling?  Has WWE asked you if you’d be interested in giving it a try?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: I try to stay in shape, but I have no intentions on wrestling.  It is a VERY difficult occupation, and those guys deal with a lot of pain to be in the wrestling business.  I’m happy being in the business without having to get beaten up in the ring every night, but I have all the respect in the world for the guys who do.

Justin hopes to have a long career as a WWE Ring Announcer and then possibly work with the creative team.  (Photo Credit: WWE)
Justin hopes to have a long career as a WWE Ring Announcer and then possibly work with the creative team. (Photo Credit: WWE)

WU ONLINE: Everybody has a dream.  Wrestlers have a dream match they’d love to be a part of.  Actors have that dream role they wish they could get.  What is your dream?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: It was to announce at the All State Arena/Rosemont Horizon, and I did that Tuesday!  I grew up watching WWE there and I was very happy to be able to announce there in front of friends and family.

WU ONLINE: How did the name change from Justin Roberts to Jason Roberts come about?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: I couldn’t use Justin for a reason I don’t know, so I asked if Jason would work.  I’ve been called Jason all my life anyway and now people wouldn’t feel as bad if someone told them my name is Justin, since I now use both!

WU ONLINE: You recently wrote about your favorite and least favorite movie extras in a commentary.  Would you like to talk more about that?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Pretty weird, eh?  It was just something I’ve noticed every time I watched Office Space and My Blue Heaven and I thought I would share that with anyone who read my commentary on  If you read the commentary and see those movies, I think the majority of you would agree with me!

WU ONLINE: Do you have any final comments for your fans?

JUSTIN ROBERTS: Please continue to support the wrestling business…WWE…independents…everything!  Also, if you have a dream and it seems unattainable-if you want it bad enough-go for it. Dreams can come true.  Thank you for reading about me, and thanks for the interview Michael.

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