NOVEMBER 19, 2022

  • Rohit Raju & Shera defeated Delirious & Yuya Uemura, in a dark match, when Shera pinned Uemura.
  • IMPACT X-Division Champion: Trey Miguel pinned Jason Hotch in a non-title dark match.

The following results are for the episode of IMPACT! Wrestling, which will air on December 1, 2022.

  • Bully Ray came to the ring.  He said he doesn’t know why the crowd is upset with him.  He did what he said he would do: he came face-to-face with IMPACT World Champion: “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander and challenged him face-to-face.  He told Alexander if he shook his hand then he accepted his challenge.  Bully said he returned and won the trophy that Scott D’Amore broke at Over Drive and said he’s the one that ran “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan out of IMPACT! Wrestling.  He’s the one that defeated “The Icon” Sting to make sure Sting wouldn’t get another shot at the IMPACT World Championship.  He defeated “The Olympic Champion” Kurt Angle.  He built IMPACT Wrestling.  He stated Alexander is taking time to recuperate from the beating he gave him at Over Drive.  He told Alexander to take all the time he needs.  Bully said he’ll soon become a 3-time IMPACT World Champion.  Rich Swann came running out of the locker room and attacked Bully.  A referee followed and rang the bell to officially begin a match between the competitors.
  • Rich Swann defeated Bully Ray via disqualification when Bully used his chain.  After the match, Bully repeatedly hit Swann with a steel chair.  He used a zip tie to attach Swann to the bottom rope.  Several referees came to the ring and Bully attempted to intimidate them to stay away from him.  When he turned his attention back to Swann, Tommy Dreamer came to ringside to confront Bully then the IMPACT! Wrestling Executive Vice-President: Scott D’Amore came running to the ring.  A chase began between D’Amore and Bully, with Dreamer and the referees attempting to keep them separated.  During the melee, a referee fell and banged his head into a tool box at ringside.  When the chaos came to my side of the ring, D’Amore threw something at Bully and nailed a fan in front of me in the back of his head.  But the fan was okay.  Then he grabbed a water bottle and started throwing water at Bully.  I dunno, maybe he thought Bully would disappear if he got wet?  LOL!  Bully got a microphone and told D’Amore that he’s right!  He’s everything that D’Amore said he is.  He added he is the biggest piece of shit but Scott is the person who hired and brought him back to IMPACT! Wrestling.  Eventually, Bully returned to the locker room before Dreamer got on the microphone and asked for the doctor to come to ringside because a referee was hurt.  After the doctor checked the referee out and they left the ringside area, D’Amore got the the microphone, thanked the fans for their patience and told them they have a great show to enjoy.
  • Moose pinned Bhupinder Gujjar.  After the match, he said he’s the one that told the fans and Josh Alexander about Bully Ray.  He never wants to hear the name Bully Ray again, he told the crowd.  Then the IMPACT Digital Media Champion: Joe Hendry came to the ring.  Moose wanted to know why he was in the ring with him and the champion said it was because Moose called for him.  Hendry told him that he could help him get back on track.  Moose attempted to sneak attack Joe but the champion was expecting the attack and successfully countered the attack.  Meanwhile, Gujjar had climbed to the top rope and speared Moose.  Gujjar and Hendry celebrated in the ring afterwards.
  • Frankie Kazarian defeated Steve Maclin via a disqualification when Maclin used a steel chair.
  • In the main event, “Hardcore Country” Mickie James pinned “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo in a Last Rodeo Match.  A Last Rodeo Match is a match where if Mickie James loses, she must retire from IMPACT! Wrestling.  After the match, IMPACT Knockouts World Champion: “The Juggernaut” Jordynne Grace came to the ring and told her that she knows Mickie wanted to earn her way up the ladder for a chance at the IMPACT Knockouts World Championship and she thinks Mickie has done just that.  Grace said she has taken care of all of her business and she is challenging Mickie to a IMPACT Knockouts World Championship Match at IMPACT! Wrestling Hard To Kill 2023.  They shake hands to a loud ovation from the fans.

  The following results are for the episode of IMPACT! Wrestling, which will air on December 8, 2022.

  • IMPACT World Tag Team Champions: “Redhead Rebel” Heath & Rhino battled NJPW STRONG Tag Team Champions: The Motor City Machine Guns (“Superstar” Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) to a no contest when The Major Players (Matt Cardona & “The Most Professional Wrestler” Brian Myers) interfered.
  • IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Co-Champion: “La Wera Loca” Taya Valkyrie [with: IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Co-Champion: Jessicka & “The Demon Assassin” Rosemary] pinned “The Boricua Badass” Tasha Steelz [with: “The Cannibal” Savannah Evans].
  • “The Death Machine” Sami Callihan pinned Kon [with: Angels & Deaner].
  • IMPACT World Champion: “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander came to the ring.  He issued an open challenge and said the man he wants to accept is Bully Ray.  Bully appears on the video wall and says he’s not there.  He states he wants to show Josh his favorite pictures from IMPACT! Wrestling Over Drive 2022.  He shows several pictures of himself terrorizing the Alexanders from his cell phone.  “Speedball” Mike Bailey makes his way to the ring and accepts the champion’s open challenge.
  • IMPACT World Champion: “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander pinned “Speedball” Mike Bailey in an Open Challenge Match to retain the IMPACT World Championship.  After the match, the two competitors received a standing ovation and they shook hands.  Alexander stated that Bailey has become one of the best wrestlers and one day he’ll be the IMPACT World Champion…just not today.

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