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April 18, 1992
Kalamazoo, MI
Wings Stadium

From WWE Network: Season 7 Episode 16 – After his stunning return at WrestleMania VIII, The Ultimate Warrior calls out Sid Justice.

COMMENTATORS: Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect
INTERVIEWERS: “Mean” Gene Okerlund and Sean Mooney
REFEREES: Danny Davis, Dave Hebner, Joey Marella and ???

The WWF Superstars intro airs.

Inside the Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Vince McMahon welcomes us to this week’s episode of WWF Superstars. He’s joined by his broadcast colleague, Mr. Perfect. McMahon gives Perfect and Easter basket since Easter is tomorrow. Perfect asks about the chocolate bunny and then compares The Ultimate Warrior to a dumb bunny because he’s the only dummy to interfere in Sid Justice’s business. He states that The Warrior has jelly beans for brains and says he isn’t the kind of guy to Easter egg The Warrior on. He says by the time Sid is done with The Warrior, they won’t be talking about an Easter basket…they’ll be talking about a basket case.

THIS WEEK: WWF Tag Team Champions – Money Incorporated with Jimmy”Mouth of the South”Hart!
THIS WEEK: The Texas Tornado!
THIS WEEK: WWF Intercontinental Champion – Bret”The HItMan”Hart!
THIS WEEK: The Legion of Doom with Paul Ellering!
THIS WEEK: Special Interview with The Ultimate Warrior!

It’s time for our first match of the week! This is a tag team match and already in the ring is the tag team combination of DWAYNE GILL and BARRY HARDY! Their opponents are making their way to the ring and are accompanied to the ring by their manager PAUL ELLERING. They are ANIMAL and HAWK – THE LEGION OF DOOM! The bell rings as The Legion of Doom attach both Gill and Hardy. During the match we hear comments from The Beverly Brothers and The Genius who say The Legion of Doom and Paul Ellering are just big sissies. The match ends when The Legion of Doom nail Dwayne Gill with The Doomsday Device before Hawk pins him for the three count.

WWF UPDATE It’s now time for WWF Update! WWF Update is hosted by “Mean” Gene Okerlund. Okerlund says that in the current issue of WWF Magazine, the feature article “Flair Exposed” has photos supplied by WWF Champion – Randy”Macho Man”Savage. The new photos shed question as to the previous photos that “Nature Boy” Ric Flair provided the publication. Okerlund asks what is up with Flair? Video footage of Flair confronting before kissing Elizabeth after the WWF Championship Match between Flair and Savage at WWF WrestleMania VIII on April 5, 1992 airs. Okerlund says he hopes Flair keeps all of this in mind because he is scheduled to face the new WWF Champion once again in the near future.

STILL TO COME: Special Interview with The Ultimate Warrior!


We’re back and our next match is a singles match. Already in the ring is CHRIS HAHN! His opponent is making his way to the ring. He is REPO MAN! The bell rings to officially begin this match. The match ends when Repo Man uses the bottom rope to clothesline Hahn several times before finally pinning him.
THE WINNER: REPO MAN via pinfall

After the match, Repo Man ties his rope around Hahn’s neck and drags him around the ring before releasing him and leaving.

WWF EVENT CENTER WWF Event Center is hosted by Sean Mooney. Mooney says it’s clear that Repo Man will do anything to win a match even if it means breaking the rules. He says Repo Man better hope that the Big Boss Man isn’t in the same arena the next time he breaks the rules because Big Boss Man feels there is only one way to deal with lawbreakers. We then hear from Big Boss Man who says every time he turns around he’s adding more names to his Most Wanted List. They think they can break the rules without answering to him. He’s proud to wear the uniform and stands for law, order and justice. There’s thousands of men, women and children that believe in him. There’s no way he’ll let them down. Back in the WWF Event Center, Mooney says Big Boss Man has taken on anyone who has stepped into the ring with him and the results haven’t been good for his opponents. Mooney says that fact worries a number of wrestlers in the WWF except for probably “The Model” Rick Martel. We then hear from “The Model” Rick Martel who states he has superior ability, performance and looks. He’s very busy because he gets calls from all over the world. They want to know what he’ll wear this spring. They look to him to know what will be the right and wrong thing to wear. He tells his competition in the World Wrestling Federation that he’s here to stay.


A vignette airs from a prison cell. We don’t know who this individual is, only that he’s a convict that the Big Boss Man was in charge of when he was a prison guard. The convict reminds Big Boss Man of the unwritten rule in the prison – an eye for an eye and a life for a life. He says that rule will still apply to Big Boss Man when he is released.

Back in the Wings Stadium, it’s time for our next match and it’s a non-title match. Already in the ring is TOM BENNETT! His opponent is making his way to the ring and is the NEW WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION – BRET”THE HITMAN”HART!  After the bell rings to officially begin this non-title match, “The HitMan” goes outside of the ring and gives a lucky fan his sunglasses. During the match we hear comments from Shawn Michaels and “Sensational” Sherri. Michaels states that the WWF Intercontinental Championship has lost prestige and dignity over the years. But he has the polish and everything else to make it the brightest thing only after himself. This match ends after Hart applies The Sharpshooter to Bennett and Bennett submits.

WWF EVENT CENTER We’re back at the WWF Event Center and Sean Mooney says that Bret”The HitMan”Hart displayed what a true champion is by reclaiming the WWF Intercontinental Championship from “Rowdy” Roddy Piper at WWF WrestleMania VIII. Mooney says Hart has no intention on releasing his grip on the title anytime soon. Challengers are already beginning to line-up for “The HitMan” and that includes former WWF Intercontinental Champion, The Mountie. We then hear from The Mountie and his manager Jimmy”Mouth of the South”Hart. Jimmy says The Mountie is handsome, brave and strong. Hart says he’s these things because he’s The Mountie. The Mountie says he’s The Mountie because of Jimmy Hart. He says it’s time for a new generation and it’s time for The Mountie. He’s proved it before when he became the WWF Intercontinental Champion. He says it’s time for bigger and better things and tells us to keep our eyes on him because he has a surprise. Sean Mooney says it’s no surprise that The Mountie is still one of the most feared superstars and has a clear advantage because his opponents never know what he’ll do. Mooney says there is no more unpredictable tag team than The Bushwhackers. We hear from Luke and Butch – The Bushwhackers and Butch says he called his mom the other day and she asked how is Luke. He said he’s “Bloody lovely tell your mother.” and she told him that she is his mother. She asked him if the Americans are still treating them nice and he said the Americans are treating them nice and bloody lovely. He thinks they love their marching and he thinks the Americans want The Bushwhackers to give them a lick. Sean Mooney says that The Bushwhackers have found no trouble gaining victories in the World Wrestling Federation even if they can’t keep their relatives straight.


A vignette for Crush airs. He says that people ask him how did he get his name. He says as far back as he can remember, he has loved to crush things. A “memory” of a little boy Crush airs where he is sitting on the floor and decides to just “crush” a can that was sitting next to him airs. We go back to present time where Crush says to just imagine what a 6’7” 320 pounds Crush can do.

It’s time for our next match of the week and making his way to the ring is THE BERZERKER! He is accompanied to the squared circle by his manager, MR. FUJI! The Berzerker’s opponent is already in the ring and he is MARK ROBERTS! The bell rings to officially begin this one-on-one match. Before the match gets underway, The Berzerker walks over to Mr. Fuji, kneels down and yells at “NOBODY STOPS US!” in Fuji’s face. We then hear pre-recorded comments from the manager, Mr. Fuji. The manager issues a challenge to The Undertaker on behalf of The Berzerker. He tells Undertaker that once Berzerker has beaten him, Fuji will throw a viking funeral for both The Undertaker and Paul Bearer and they will both be cremated. The match ends when The Berzerker slams Roberts to the mat before pinning him.

Vince McMahon plugs the WWF Fan Club.

A commercial for the WWF Fan Club airs.

We return to the interview podium where “Mean” Gene Okerlund is standing with a group of little Warriors and he asks one of them who is his favorite WWF Superstar. The little boy says, The Ultimate Warrior as Okerlund then introduces his guest.- THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR. The Ultimate Warrior makes his way to the podium and greets his Warriors. Okerlund says The Ultimate Warrior nearly blew the roof off The Hoosier Dome when he returned at WWF WrestleMania VIII. Video footage of The Ultimate Warrior returning to the World Wrestling Federation after the match between “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan versus Sid Justice at WWF WrestleMania VIII on April 5, 1992 airs. The Ultimate Warrior tells Sid Justice there was no way he could just sit and let Papa Shango’s curse try to spread doom on “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan. Okerlund says that The Warrior’s return must have been a threat to Sid Justice because Justice grabbed a chair and repeatedly hit The Warrior with the chair. Video footage of Sid Justice hitting The Ultimate Warrior with a chair at WWF WrestleMania VIII on April 5, 1992 airs. “Mean” Gene says The Warrior paid a heavy price. The Warrior replies and says there is no price too high to pay when you help a friend like Hogan. He tells Sid that to become a great leader you must have many friends. To do harm against any of his friends or Warriors, that person will pay an even higher price. The Warrior lifts up two of the little girls that were standing by him. He tells Justice that they are his Warriors and he receives his power from them and all of his Warriors. He closes the interview by stating that he will stand proud to carry the banner of the WWF.


We’re back with more World Wrestling Federation action! Our next match is a singles match and already in the ring is RED TYLER! His opponent is making his way to the ring and he is “THE MODEL” RICK MARTEL! The bell rings to officially begin this one-on-one match. During the match, we get a preview of the new WWF Magazine, with Elizabeth on the cover, as there is an article called “The Model’s Fury.” The match ends when Martel applies The Boston Crab and Tyler quickly submits.

Vince McMahon plugs the WWF WrestleMania VIII video cassette from Coliseum Video.

Video footage of the special events that took place during WWF WrestleMania VIII weekend airs.

It’s time for more WWF action! Making his way to the ring is THE TEXAS TORNADO! Already in the ring is his opponent – WARREN BIANCHI! The bell rings to officially begin this match. During this match we hear pre-recorded comments from The Texas Tornado. He says he’s back and he’s rededicating his life to family, religion, his country and the WWF. He’s proud to be back. The match ends when Tornado nails Bianchi with the Tornado Punch before pinning him.

A commercial for WBF BodyStars airs.

UP NEXT: WWF Tag Team Champions – Money Incorporated!


It’s time for tag team wrestling! Making their way to the ring are the current WWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! They are the combination of “MILLION $ MAN” TED DIBIASE and “I.R.S.” IRWIN R. SHYSTER! They are MONEY INCORPORATED! Money Inc. is accompanied to the ring by their manager JIMMY”MOUTH OF THE SOUTH”HART. Already in the ring are their opponents JIM POWERS & BUCK ZUMHOFF! Before the match begins, I.R.S. requests the microphone and tells the WWF fans that requested an extension for their taxes not to even think about cheating because cheating is illegal. The bell rings to begin this non-title tag team match. It will be “Million $ Man” Ted DiBiase and Jim Powers starting the match for their respective teams. During this match we hear comments from Earthquake and Typhoon of The Natural Disasters. Typhoon tells Money Inc. that they left WWF WrestleMania VIII like cowardly dogs but they won’t be so lucky the next time the two teams meet up. Earthquake adds that they’ll be moving faster though because the weight of the belts won’t be around their waists. This match ends when DiBiase applies the Million $ Dream on Zumhoff and puts Zumhoff to sleep.

Vince McMahon tells us that The Undertaker will reply to Mr. Fuji’s challenge, on behalf of The Berzerker, before this episode ends.

WWF EVENT CENTER We’re back at the WWF Event Center and Sean Mooney states that now that Money Incorporated have invested in gold, they expect to continue to reap profits in the tag team division. We then hear from “The Rocket” Owen Hart. “The Rocket” Owen Hart says he’s lifting off in the WWF and invites anyone that thinks they can ground him, to try. He’s ready, willing and able to fight anybody. He says it doesn’t matter if it’s Skinner, The Berzerker or Shawn Michaels. He says he’s here to stay and he’s going to make a name for himself. He grew up in a wrestling family. Both his father, Stu, and his brother, Bret, are former/current wrestlers. He saw wrestlers come and go when he was growing up. He is soaring to greater heights. He adds that there always has to be a winner and a loser and he doesn’t look like a winner. When we return to Sean Mooney, he says that “The Rocket” Owen Hart continues to climb higher and higher and doesn’t plan to stop. He says that Papa Shango has caused a number of Superstars to fall. We then hear from Papa Shango who first asks how many of us know him and how many of us know voodoo. He then says that he is voodoo. He tells the WWF Superstars that they will dream of him instead of nice things at night. He says he is the voodoo master and that once you enter the mind you have the body. Back at the Event Center, Sean Mooney says nobody is sure how Papa Shango has achieved so many victories in so little time – and no one has wanted to ask. Mooney says he thinks it’s via intimidating tactics and incredible strength. Then something falls in front of Mooney and he asks, “Isn’t it?” to close the final WWF Event Center segment for this week.


When we return, Vince McMahon tells us The Undertaker & Paul Bearer and The Berzerker & Mr. Fuji are all standing by as it pertains to a possible match for next week. First we hear from The Undertaker and Paul Bearer. Bearer tells The Berzerker and Mr. Fuji that they have made a fatal mistake. They’ll pay the price next week. The Undertaker says that man has had to face his destiny throughout time. He tells The Berzerker and Mr. Fuji that they’ll face their destiny and their death on the same day. Then we hear from The Berzerker and Mr. Fuji. Fuji tells The Undertaker that he fell for their trap and he’ll pay the price next week. The Berzerker says that people say The Undertaker isn’t human; but he states that he is berserk and whatever doesn’t kill him makes him stronger. He adds that he will stomp The Undertaker into dust.

NEXT WEEK: Sgt. Slaughter!
NEXT WEEK: Shawn Michaels with “Sensational” Sherri!
NEXT WEEK: Special Interview with Sid Justice!
NEXT WEEK: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair with Mr. Perfect!
NEXT WEEK: The Undertaker (with: Paul Bearer) V/S The Berzerker (with: Mr. Fuji)!

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